Do you desire a direct connection with God as you understand the Divine? Do you wish to experience the Creator’s wisdom and unconditional love as a guiding force in your life so you can live from your True Self?  

If so, I invite you to experience a smorgasbord of spiritual tools you can integrate into your life to awaken to the Essence of who you are and to discover your life’s purpose.

My passion is to help people experience the direct Presence of God in their daily lives. As a writer, spiritual mentor-coach, teacher, and speaker, I walk alongside individuals and groups helping them connect with the Divine Flow of inner peace, balance, and wholeness through practical spirituality, books, webinars, guided meditations, one-to-one spiritual direction, weekly inspirational articles, retreats, seminars, and workshops.

Start Finding Flow by downloading the Spiritual Gifts Inventory that has helped countless people—just like you—discover what makes them come alive.

How a Buddy of Mine Found Inner Peace, Balance, and Wholeness

My friend, Ralph Annunziata asked me several years ago, “ How do I find inner peace?”
I told him it’s simple, just follow these four lifestyle practices:


Solitude. Take daily quiet time to reconnect with yourself and God

• •


Spiritual Reading. Read the writings of others further along on the spiritual journey to discover the wisdom and guidance they offer

• • •


Community. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to grow

• • • •


Contemplative Action. Take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory to discover your unique talents and gifts and use them in ways that are life-giving for you and others.

 This Is How We Do It

Fast forward a few years.  Ralph integrated these practices into his daily life. He gained the peace he sought. He retired from his job as a creative marketing director and is now a full time fine artist and mentor.

He meditates daily for at least thirty minutes, has read more spiritual books than most people read in a lifetime, and has surrounded himself with a spiritual mentor and a handful of family and friends who nudge him to keep growing.

Here’s a photograph of one of Ralph’s paintings:

Studio Nunzi Painting

View this piece and more at StudioNunzi.

• • • • •

It’s All About Finding Flow

So how do you find that inner peace, balance, and wholeness like Ralph found?

It’s all about Finding Flow—that’s what I call the four spiritual practices I’d like to teach you about so they become part of your natural lifestyle—your rhythm of life.

You might call them a Rule of Life or a Personal Mission Statement. Those terms work too.

Here’s my definition of Finding Flow:

being one with the Divine Spirit who opens our hearts, allowing us to experience inner peace, balance, and wholeness.

• • • • • •

We All Live In a Yellow Submarine

Finding Flow operates much like a submarine. When all four chambers are in balance, the submarine performs like its engineered. But if one chamber is too full or empty, the vessel malfunctions.  

It’s the same with our lives. If our spiritual tanks aren’t properly filled, we lose inner strength. We sputter, clog with fear and anxiety. 

But if we take time to fill our spiritual tanks with the right amount of nourishment for our souls, we connect with Divine Flow. We experience faith, hope, and love. 

We live the life we’ve imagined.







Brian Plachta was a presenter at the Spiritual Life Center in West Hartford, CT. Brian’s presentation on Finding Flow was an outstanding workshop and extremely well received. We had Spiritual Directors and community members present for the weekend of Brian’s presentation. His approach was kind, respectful, and engaging. Our community felt he deeply held us in a reverent way throughout our time together. This workshop engaged us and helped us see ourselves through God’s eyes. We were left with a desire to continue to find flow in our own lives and in our community.


Lisa Hudkins
Spiritual Director, Spiritual Life Center, CT

A Little About Me

I’m a husband, father, grandfather, friend, lawyer, writer, speaker, and spiritual mentor.  I sing Zippity Do Da and high-five the Creator whenever someone connects deeply with the God of unconditional love—because then I know the One who dances within my heart is real.

I’ve developed a time-tested way I call Finding Flow that provides a pathway for connecting deeply with your authentic self and God. I’d love to share it with you, walk alongside you as a speaker, writer, or mentor, and help you Find Flow so you can reclaim your inner peace, balance, and wholeness.

Watch the short video below to to learn more about Finding Flow and how I discovered it.

Let’s Find Flow!

If you’d like more inner peace, balance, and wholeness—want to Find Flow—the first step is to  take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory. It’s as simple as answering sixty questions so you can find out what makes you come alive.



As a busy pastor I need to discern what is the work of God in my life from what is the work of the Church.  Though the two of these intersect, they are different. When one is replaced by the other, life becomes unbalanced. The time I spend with Brian has been rich and blessed. Spiritual direction under his guidance helps me frame what is truly important in my life, and helps me see the work of God in me, and with me, as distinguished from the work of the Church.”

Reverend Dr. James D. Hegedus

Head of Staff, First Presbyterian Church


Brian Plachta’s weekly blog has been a spiritual gift for me. Full of practical—and often amusing—insights that bridge the gap between what we think spiritual growth looks like and the everyday reality of what it really is. He can find the spiritual lessons tucked in traffic jams, spats with spouses, the mundane, and most importantly, our disappointment when we stumble in our quest to respond to life with a non-judgmental open heart.

Victoria V. Vuletich

Emeritus Professor at Cooley Law School and corporate educator and coach, Ethics² LLC.


I look forward to reading Brian’s blog when I get to work early on Monday mornings. His reflections feel like he’s invited me to sit on his porch on a cool summer night for the kind of chat I always enjoy; simple wisdom that draws me into deeper communion with God.


Husband, Father

Additional Resources

In addition to the Inventory, take a look at my books: Finding Flow—Spiritual Practices to Reclaim Inner Peace, Balance, and Wholeness; Life’s Toolbox—Blueprints Included; and Pillars of Steel—How Real Men Draw Strength From Each Other.  

I’ve also created a bunch of doable spiritual practices and guided meditations on my YouTube page you can listen to as a jumpstart for your daily quiet time practice. 

The Bottom Line

I want to help you Find Flow and reclaim your inner peace, balance, and wholeness. Click below and let’s get started.