Your Heart Knows

Posted On October 30, 2016

Jeshua…Jeshua…. Jeshua…

I do not know how you can love me.  How you can love all of us.  My mind cannot fathom the depth and breadth of your love for me, for all your holy creation.

It feels as if there is a block between you and me, a knot in my throat that prevents my head from connecting with my heart because I cannot understand your love.  My mind won’t let me receive it or be embraced by its mystery.

As the dawn gives way to morning light, and the stars fade into the rising sun, I silently ask you to roll away the stone that entombs me, that prevents me from letting your rainbow of love into my heart so that I might love you, others, and myself more deeply.

And in the silence, the answer I have been waiting for, longing for, searching for all these years comes in three simple words: your heart knows. 

Your heart knows how much I love you, how much I love all that I have created. 

Your heart knows the warmth of my love oozing and pulsating within your veins.  Your heart knows the tender breath you feel within your lungs that is every breath I take with you since the day you were fashioned in my image.  Your heart knows my gentle touch on the inside of your skin, reminding you I am your strength, your courage, and your spirit.

Your heart knows my voice. It hears the silent whisper that resonates within your body like the soft key of a piano pealing as lover’s embrace.  It is becoming as familiar to you as your own voice.

Let your mind rest, and your heart will find me.  Again.

Let your heart open to my embrace, to my touch, to the deeper knowing that I have loved you from the moment you were formed by my Father.  I made you to be just as you are, and you are good.  You are part of the Trinity.  You are One with me and I am One in you.  

I Am.
I love you.
Your heart knows.

brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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