You In-Body God

Posted On August 17, 2018

Close your Eyes. 

What do you hear?  
What do you feel?

Mourning doves whistling ancient love songs?  
Air cascading through your lungs? 
God’s breath caressing your skin?

These are Divine Energies of Love. 
Expressions of the One who places Spirit into Matter. 
The Spirit of Love that has existed from Eternity. 
The Spirit that takes shape in and through you. 

You In-Body God.
You are Divine Energy—the Creative Expression of an Ageless Love that breathes Spirit
into the flesh and bones of your body.

You reflect Divine Beauty.
You are made in the image and likeness of the Creator—
the same Creator who expresses himself through
dancing seagulls 
redwood forests 
starlit skies
velvety cats
and faithful dogs.

You are held in a Cloud of Divine Love—
Love that embraces, nourishes, and sustains you. 

Imagine this life-giving Cloud encircling you. 
Breathe in the Spirit of Love swirling round you.
See the warm white light of your Soul flickering gently behind your heart.

Close your eyes. 
Open your heart. 
Let Divine Love hold you.
Let Divine Love ground you. 

Be who you already are—you In-Body God.

Ponder:To embody God means to reflect him. To In-Body God means to realize his Spirit lives and breathes within you, within your heart as life-giving energy. Radiance. 

Try this: Imagine a warm white light like an Eternal Flame flickering behind your heart. This is your Soul. What do you notice? What do you feel?  

—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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