Writers write not because they have answers—but because they have questions—and are willing to wrestle out loud on the page in search of answers.

“What is most personal is most universal,” writes one of my favorite authors, Henri Nouwen.  With that in mind, I like to tell stories about your life and mine; stories that contain universal truths we can integrate into our lives. And as we share our stories, we become each others’ teachers. We learn from each other.

As a writer, I enjoy exploring topics that invite us to grow, encourage us to stretch, and give insights on how to find inner, peace, balance, and wholeness. I love to provide practical spiritual tools you can incorporate into your life.

Checkout my books below or on my Amazon Author’s Page. Put ’em  in your spiritual toolbox and let them help you Find Flow, so you can live your best life.

Finding Flow—Spiritual Practices to Reclaim Inner Peace, Balance, and Wholeness

Finding Flow provides readers with a simple process to reclaim a close, playful relationship with God. This book adds a spiritual element to the current discussions by psychologists, athletes, and creatives about “flow,” which author brian plachta defines as, ” Being One with the Divine Spirit who opens our hearts, allowing us to experience inner peace, balance, and wholeness.”

Finding Flow offers doable spiritual practices organized around:

1. Solitude: establishing rituals to spend daily “quiet time” to deepen our relationship with God

2. Spiritual reading: delving into books that teach and inspire

3. Community: surrounding ourselves with people who nudge us to grow

4. Contemplative Action: discovering our unique gifts and talents and using them to make the world a better place

These practices derive from the tradition of Saint Benedict, a fifth-century father of the Church who required his monks to establish a Rule of Life consisting of daily balance between prayer and work (ora et labora). Finding Flow takes Benedict’s timeless wisdom, recrafts it with modern language and personal stories, and makes the monk’s wisdom accessible to today’s readers.

Here’s what others are saying about Finding Flow:

“Brian Plachta has written Finding Flow for a very specific reason: he wants his readers to overcome fear and adopt a time-tested way to reclaim inner peace, balance, and wholeness. The goal of Finding Flow is to help readers find that flow; the kind of flow that connects us with God and our authentic selves; flow that’s filled with divine energy; flow that leads to happiness. Over time, that will allow the reader to recognize God’s presence more easily, harness their fears, become more fully alive, and live as we’ve always imagined it is possible to live!”

—Karen Campbell, Karen Campbell Media


“Finding Flow provides readers with a simple process to reclaim a close, playful relationship with God. This book adds a spiritual element to the current discussions by psychologists, athletes, and creatives about “flow,” which Brian defines as: being one with the Divine Spirit who opens our hearts, allowing us to experience inner peace, balance, and wholeness.”


Brian’s personal struggles serve as the framework for his outstanding book, Finding Flow, an eminently practical guide for those who seek peace and a closer relationship with God. It is the author’s skillful integration of personal stories, his experiences as a spiritual director for many years, the words of his spiritual friends and mentors, and the valuable references he includes that makes the book an easy-to-read self-help book that I highly recommend for all seekers.

—Donna Chacko, M.D. Author of Pilgrimage: A Doctor’s Healing Journey

I look forward to sharing this book with you and together, Finding Flow!

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Life’s Toolbox… Blueprints Included

From fixing a leaking sink to remodeling a room, when we take on a house repair or construction project we jam-pack our toolbox with saws, screwdrivers, levels, and nails—the essential tools to get the job done right.

But what about our biggest project: Life? What tools of the trade do we need to successfully maneuver through the ups and downs of our lives?

Life’s Toolbox is a field-guide to give you some of the basic and essential tools needed to jam-pack your life with peace, balance and wholeness. Each tool provides a blueprint so you can integrate the tools into your life and successfully live into the answers of your construction project: Life.

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Life’s Toolbox… Blueprints Included: Facilitator’s Guide

Life’s Toolbox Facilitator’s Guide provides you and your company, group, church or organization with the tools needed to start your own discussion or study group using the companion Life’s Toolbox…Blueprints Included book as your launching guide.

The Guide is a perfect field guide to start a new men’s group or add additional context, language and depth for your existing group. The books may be purchased in bulk for educational, business, fund-raising, church-programming or other adult educational uses. 

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Pillars of Steel: How Real Men Draw Strength From Each Other

Pillars of Steel provides the key that unlocks the door to the so-called “Man Code” society has made men adhere to for much of history. It offers a fresh perspective on how guys can draw support from each other without compromising their strength.

Pillars of Steel cuts to the secret that so many of us carry around: it’s lonely being a man. Brian provides simple and practical wisdom for coming to terms with life, faith and a new blueprint for masculinity. He offers men a unique opportunity to break the Man Code and discover the power of bullet-proof friendships with other men.