What Would You Change About God?

Posted On May 11, 2018

If I could, there’s one thing I’d change about God.  
Don’t get me wrong—God’s a fine chap. He’s outdone himself by pouring his love into Creation. I enjoy the forest and trees he’s created, the smell of springtime flowers, and the gentle chirp of morning birds.
I appreciate loved ones who fill the day with love and laughter. And I’m grateful for the miracle of life and that warm feeling when my hands and feet and heart contribute to helping others find joy in their lives too.
All these unearned gifts from God sometimes cause me to stop and stand in awe.
But, there’s one thing I’d change about God if I could. I’d like a telephone line to the Creator. I’d like to experience God directly. Hear his voice. See his face. Be able to Face-Time with him—that’d be great!  
Anytime I have a question, am troubled, or simply feel lonely for God, it’d be super to call him up and talk with the Divine, like I do when I miss my daughter who lives thousands of miles away in San Jose.
But, Heaven’s not connected to Wi-Fi. And Apple hasn’t found a way to Face-Time with the Infinite Cloud. 
Instead, God reveals himself to us, he talks with us in his language—the language of love. And the way to connect with his Voice is to sit in silence, because the world is noisy and often drowns out God’s Voice. Just like learning the ABC’s when we’re young, learning the Creator’s love language comes from practice—by spending time in solitude to listen and hear God’s Whisper. 
It’s there in the quiet, in the silence of our hearts that God speaks. In the stillness, we can talk with God, ask him questions, and listen for answers. Sometimes, there’s a word or phrase that rises up within us, or a warm glow that comes from knowing we’re loved and protected. Other times, there’s static in our heads from over-thinking. It’s then the Creator invites us, Be Still.  
It takes a lifetime to learn God’s Voice. But bit-by-bit, day-by-day the more we exercise our heart’s listening muscle, the stronger it becomes. Gradually, we learn God’s Voice is the gentle whisper of love in our hearts.
Maybe it’s not God then that needs changing—he’s already Perfect. Maybe it’s us that needs to change, to grow. And change is good. It’s healthy. It’s what stretches us, brings new insight and wisdom.
The one thing I’d like to change about myself is to better learn how to Be Still. I’d like to rest at God’s feet like my dog does at mine, and simply be Present to God and Myself each morning; to sit in the quiet and let the Creator love me. 
Then, I’d like to take that Inner Stillness into the day. I’d like to find a natural rhythm between Being and Doing and return to Inner Stillness when the day gets chaotic. Maybe then, as I practice Stillness in the morning and throughout the day, I’ll hear God’s Voice more clearly. And when I become Still, he and I are very happy. 
Try this version of Psalm 46:10 to draw yourself into a quiet frame of mind:
Be Still and Know I am God.
Be Still and Know. 
Be Still. 
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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