This is My Life

Posted On June 9, 2017

One day you’ll turn around and look at the life you’ve created, the life that’s been gifted to you, and you’ll be content.
You’ll know yours is a good life.  You’ve received love and given love, and you and the universe are better because of it.
Oh, it’s not perfect, you’ll understand.  You may wish you could have avoided the pitfalls of suffering along the way; wish you could have dealt better with the challenges and strife you encountered. 
But you will know that those moments were just as necessary as the joy you’ve experienced because they’ve made you who you are.  They’ve given you the courage and wisdom, the tools to face anything life may toss onto your path. And then you’ll know and accept that you are perfectly human.
The contradictions of life will become paradoxes which you no longer need to reconcile, but which you’ll hold in your heart as the both-and that fosters wisdom, balance, and growth, and allows life to be filled with a certain mystery, a certain childlike surprise.  
Turn around. 
Look at your life. 
Say it out loud until it becomes real:
This is my life.
It is good.
I am blessed.
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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