The Sound of Driftwood

Posted On March 14, 2020

Does driftwood have a sound? As wind and water flow over twisted branches in a pebbled stream, do the brambles sing a song?

Do hymns of praise rise from stoic trees bowing broken limbs into spring waterfalls as rushing water carves thickened wood into fragile art?

Waves lap, sunbeams tap, sand grinds, and moonlight rejoices as nature sings its symphony, now One with wooden treasure.  

The sound of driftwood is subtle with a slow and quiet tone. It requires patience and stillness to hear. Nature shapes the wood, softens and etches it with delicate swirls, and with time, transforms restless kindling into peaceful splendor.

We are like driftwood, sitting in quiet meditation day after day, listening to our souls, as the Divine Carpenter gently shapes and forms us.

At first, change is unnoticeable. Our hearts are stiff and stubborn. The chaos of thoughts whirlpool in our minds.

Yet, if we are faithful to our meditation practices, eventually we will look back at our lives and notice something is different.

We experience longer moments of balance and inner peace, and we hear Spirit’s inner guidance. Instead of lashing out at someone who has hurt us, we respond with compassion and forgiveness. We accept the flaws of others and ourselves as we’re embraced by God’s unconditional love.

We are called to become the sound of driftwood. We are invited to let the Master carve our lives through daily silence, solitude, study, and prayer.

And as God’s timeless grace transforms us, our lives echo the sound of driftwood. Our voices fill with praise. Our hands sing love songs as we hold and comfort a widow. Our hearts whisper wisdom—and grumbling transforms into gratitude.

When we touch the lives of others with Divine Love, we help them become the sound of driftwood too.

For further reflection: 
find a twig or a branch. Hold it in your hand. Feel its texture. Then watch and listen to this seven-minute video:

Can you hear the sound of driftwood?

—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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