The Soul of America is Love

Posted On November 12, 2016

There is a collective soul in America.  It is larger than politics, bigger than a candidate, wiser than the media and our own individual opinions.   The soul of America looks beyond the demonized words people cast at each other and instead sees the heart of every individual trusting it is filled with genuine love. 

The soul of America is willing to accept the outcome of our democracy even when it doesn’t go the way we had hoped or planned.  It trusts the natural checks and balances that have always guided our nation along the pathway of truth.

The soul of America is able to move beyond our fears and insecurities and give others the benefit of the doubt, knowing we are safe because there is a higher power guiding all of us, a Divine Spirit that has governed and will govern our country much longer than any one man or woman.

The soul of America is made up of you and me as brothers and sisters walking side- by-side in freedom’s grace.   The soul of America beats its swords into plowshares and lets angry words fall silently to the ground as we dig deeper into our hearts of compassion and lift each other up with dignity and respect.

The soul of America is love, pure and simple love.  And if we can embrace that truth together, we will hear the soul of America singing songs of the common good across the mountains, plains, and valleys, and in our hearts once again. 

brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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