The Sacrament of This Moment

Posted On March 25, 2018

Awake!  Creation sings as Spring ushers in the Sacrament of This Moment.
March sun melts February snow as the soil moistens and softens the earth.
Purple-tipped crocuses wipe sleepy eyes as they peek from beneath frosty caves wondering if it’s time to bloom.
The red robin has returned, waking the morning with her song, plucking juicy breakfast from the soil. Her beak tills the earth preparing the ground for emerald blades of grass to grow.
Spring is a sacrament of new beginnings. A ritual of wisdom gently unfolding.  Nourished by winter’s rest, nature stretches toward the warming sun and lifts her head with glee.
Spring reveals God in the Ordinary. The One found in the smell of fresh linen air, in blankets of tulips, and dancing daffodils swaying in the wind; the One who intoxicates Spring with abundance as rich aromas drift from wine-colored hyacinths. 
God is here, Spring proclaims. Now.  In this Moment.  And every moment is drenched with grace for those who look with eyes of the heart.
The Creator is revealed in the Ordinary. In the joyful embrace of a child. In the helpful hand of a co-worker. In the shoulder of a loved one upon whom we shed tears and find healing.
God is Love.  Love is given, never acquired, merited, or even understood. We stumble into it like Spring and find evidence of the Creator’s Love in the Ordinary.
Spring invites us to stop, stand in awe, and breathe in the songs that nature sings to the ears of our hearts.  It reminds us that every moment reveals the Creator’s unconditional love in and through flesh and blood, skin and bone, plants and animals, sun and moon. God unfolds his beauty through ordinary experiences that become extraordinary when we see them with the wisdom of our souls.
Let Springtime awaken us to God in the Ordinary.  Let Springtime invite us to pause, to let ourselves be surprised by love revealed through nature’s simplicity and know it’s the Creator holding us in the Sacrament of This Moment.
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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