The Pathway to Holy Wisdom

Posted On July 29, 2021

I trust my lungs to breathe

my heart to beat

my body to pump


through my veins



If I trust these life-giving movements within my body

can I not trust myself

to listen for the movement of the Divine Spirit

within the quiet of my heart

and follow God’s will?



God’s will for us is to seek and find

the Wisdom that leads us

to experience

the fullness of unconditional love

to be happy

and share Divine Love

with those we encounter


If we listen in the quiet of our hearts

follow our deepest desire

and respond to the Holy Longing that guides us

we can trust

we are on the road

that leads to Wisdom


When we step off that path

forget whose we are

experience despair and desolation

our heart

and God’s grace

will lead us back


When we listen deeply

and trust the Divine

the Spirit unfolds

the pathway to Holy Wisdom


—brian j plachta


Digging Deeper:


July Zoom Webinar Recording


For those who couldn’t join us in person for our July Webinar: Does God Want Us to “Find Our Happy?”  here’s the link to the recorded workshop.  


Click Here: How To Find Your Happy Webinar Recording Link


August Zoom Webinar


Our August Zoom Webinar will on Tuesday, August 31: How Does God Speak Wisdom to Us Through Nature? —nature as spiritual practice.

Click the link below to learn more and register.


Click Here: Nature as Spiritual Practice Registration Link



Written by Brian J. Plachta

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