that voice

Posted On June 25, 2020

That Voice

that voice
that inner voice
the one I can’t see
or touch or hear
except with the ears of my heart

that elusive voice,
which rises above all others

quiet, soft, mysterious,
it splashes
the marrow of my heart
with love

I seek that voice
Rise early in the morning
sit in silence
hoping I can find it,
hear it

it finds me
as dawn’s gentle breeze
blows back the veil
from the face of God

I hear the Creator’s voice
It offers healing
Bestows wisdom
Awakens my soul
Provides guidance
Invites me to taste the joy of being alive

the mourning dove coos
outside my window

she too hears that Voice
together we sing praises
to the One
who gives life

—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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