Take Me to That Place

Posted On July 12, 2020

Take me to that place
That quiet place within my heart
where the only truth is you,
where everything comes back to you,
O God

Where moist morning air
swirls across my skin
and your Divine Breath
invites me to inhale
the gift of this moment

Where the squirrel
feasts at the bird feeder
and you scatter seeds
of abundant love
into my

Where the mighty ant
carries grain morsels
faithfully along the sidewalk
and you carry the weight of me
across the wilderness
of my life’s journey

Where birds sing morning melodies
and hymns of resounding praise
echo within me

Where sap drips from evergreen branches
and their earthy wooden smell
intoxicates me with
your everlasting grace

Take me to that place, O God
That place where you and I
dwell as One

Where the veil parts
and nothing separates us
as the tender and strong body
of creation holds and comforts me

Where everything comes back to you
Where the only truth is you

There is such a place
I know it
I taste it
I feel it in my soul

It fills me
with simple pleasures of
Divine Presence

It is in this moment
It is in every moment

I need only
accept it
and allow you
to have your way in me

Take me to that place
That place
I wish to dwell
now and forever more

—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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