Brian has spoken on national stages, big, small, and virtual for more than a decade.

As a spiritual mentor, published author, lawyer, husband, father, and grandfather he understands the core to living your best life is to connect with the God of your understanding so you can experience the love, affirmation, and guidance of the Divine Power that lives and breathes within you.

Through his speaking engagements and workshops, Brian gives participants a simple and direct understanding of what makes us tick, along with a smorgasbord of doable spiritual practices the audience gets to try on and take home to enrich their lives, open their hearts, so they can live the life they desire and imagine.

From his earliest stage appearance when he was in preschool, Brian has been on-stage captivating and encouraging audiences large and small to live into who they are—and—are becoming.


Brian Plachta was a presenter at the Spiritual Life Center in West Hartford, CT. Brian’s presentation on Finding Flow was an outstanding workshop and extremely well received. We had Spiritual Directors and community members present for the weekend of Brian’s presentation. His approach was kind, respectful, and engaging. Our community felt he deeply held us in a reverent way throughout our time together. This workshop engaged us and helped us see ourselves through God’s eyes. We were left with a desire to continue to find flow in our own lives and in our community.

Lisa Hudkins

Spiritual Director, Spiritual Life Center, CT

Finding Flow shares the simplicity of spiritual practice in so many varied, longstanding, and proven ways… you will find yourself building your own tailored ‘rule of prayer’ and move to develop a center of prayer within. This will set your spiritual life in motion so daily life can turn into a true pilgrimage marked by the resilience, inner peace, and compassion that only can come from a real relationship with God.

Robert J. Wicks

Author, Heartstorming: Creating a Place God Can Call Home


Brian has conducted hundreds of in-person and webinar workshops over the years. Check out a number of his Zoom Webinars by clicking on the link below.  

 Speaking Topics 

Brian has created and structured 15-minute talks with a punch, full-day energizing workshops, and 3-day intensive spiritual seminars and retreats. His confidence, enthusiasm, practical content, and powerful authenticity creates a lasting impression on audiences impacting their lives forever.

Finding Flow---Doable Spiritual Practices to Reclaim Inner Peace, Balance, and Wholeness.

Here’s a simple lifestyle you can adopt to discover the wholeness we seek. It’s rooted in the ageless wisdom practiced by history’s timeless spiritual teachers.

Who You Are Is How You Pray

There’s no wrong or right way to pray. The important thing is to explore different paths to determine which ones draw you closer to the Creator and your Authentic Self.  This workshop will provide a smorgasbord of prayer practices and experiences so you can find your sacred path.

Finding Flow---How to Find Reorder, When It Feels Like Your World’s Falling Apart

There’s a pattern of inner growth and transformation common to all of us. By discovering that pattern and determining where you are in it, you can find Divine Flow and experience deeper peace and understanding.

What Are My Spiritual Gifts and How Do I Put Them into Practice?

We have all been gifted with unique skills and talents that make us come alive and allow us to make the world a better place. This workshop includes a Spiritual Gifts Inventory that participants can take and discuss as our gifts become a guidepost for our purpose in life.

Stop Shoulding Yourself---The Spirituality of Desire

What would it be like if you listened to and followed your heart’s deepest desire?  Explore how our desires are often God-given and provide freedom from all the “shoulds” in our life.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

How to deepen your relationship with God. God has gifted us with four spiritual centers of knowing. They’re embodied within us. This workshop will those centers and provide an opportunity to experience them.

Quiet Time Solves Everything

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is daily time to leave the world behind and connect with ourselves and God. We’ll explore why daily solitude is a vital part of spiritual growth and experience different ways of being present to God in the quiet.

Wisdom Weekend---Finding Flow: Spiritual Practices for Those Seeking to Reclaim Inner Peace, Balance, and Wholeness

Just like going to the gym and working out sustain strong bodies, so too spiritual practices help sustain and nourish our souls. We’ll experience a number of practices participants can integrate into their lives to find deeper peace and balance.

Listening for God Knows What? Does God Really Speak to Me? How?

God has a voice and we can learn to hear it. We can listen and let it guide us. Discovering how God speaks to you is the focus of this workshop.

Who Are My Spiritual Teachers? Do I Need One?

Who are the people in my community that inspire me to grow? How can I surround myself with wise men and women who help me gain wisdom? This workshop will include an exercise to determine who God has already placed in your life to inspire you and whom you might want to seek out for further growth.

Brian is also excited to tailor a presentation to meet the needs of your unique audience. His areas of expertise include: practical spirituality, prayer, meditation, spiritual mentoring, finding your spiritual gifts, men’s spirituality, group spiritual direction, and more.