Posted On April 16, 2017

What if it were all true?
What if the resurrection of Christ was more than a story,
 more than a myth we remember from time to time;
more than a piece of history we try and convince others to believe?
What if the Rising became flesh today,
in you,
in me,
in the world?
What if heaven and earth are One,
here and now? 
There is no separation between God and you, or between you and I.
We are One.
All Creation is One.
What if love really does win?
What if the wisdom we seek is already contained within us?
What if our soul already knows what we need to learn,
and our mind is silent enough to listen,
as our feet catch up to our heart?
What if the pain we’ve experienced has passed through us,
and now we’re standing tall,
bent, but not broken?
What if we’re no longer at war with ourselves?
What if we found the separate peace that springs from simply being us?
What if it felt good to be me?
What if every person we’ve met and will meet brings something new to our life
and we bring something fresh and new to theirs? 
What if we really are each other’s teachers?
What if this moment is exactly as it’s supposed to be? 
There is no moment other than this one. 
There is no place we need to get to.
We need only to experience this breath,
What if this is the life I’m supposed to be living? 
And it is good,
and, so am I?
What if we allowed ourselves to be perfectly human?
What if life’s questions are not meant to be solved liked riddles,
But there to ponder
so, we can live into the answers?
What if you could find the one word that grounded you,
centered you in your soul,
and gave you the purpose you thought you needed to find?
And what if that one word was love? 
And what if that one word describes who you are
and who you’ve always been meant to be?
What if love has Risen in you today
and rises every day simply by its choosing?
What if we are the second coming of Christ
as his love empties itself into us
and pours in and through us
and we become the Incarnation he promised would unfold.
What would I have to bury in the grave to Rise:
in love,
in peace,
in hope?
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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