Posted On October 26, 2018

Our lives are jam-packed and overly busy. We spend much of our day rushing here and there, taking care of this or that, checking off the perpetual to-do list.
When the pace gets chaotic—when the demands on our plate overwhelm us—we need to find rest for our minds and bodies. We need to stop and listen to our hearts tug at us, “Please, slow down. Find rest.” 
But where? How?
The other morning as I sat in solitude, I was in one of those “God, I’m tired” moods. The stress in my neck and shoulders pinched my body. The grind of being a human to-do list had taken its toll on me. 
As I sat lamenting, reflecting, I heard a gentle invitation whisper to my heart,
I embraced and savored the word,
I imagined God walking toward me. As he drew near, he wrapped his arms around me and cradled my head. I placed my face against his strong chest. 
And I did. I felt the Creator’s Presence. A surge of energy—His Infinite Love—radiated through my body and caressed my life with compassion. 
I felt comforted. Renewed. Energized.
Our human lives need time to rest in Divine Love—to let God’s Spirit hold, comfort, and recharge us. 
Care for yourself today. Find a sacred space to be filled with Divine Energy. Hear the Creator whisper as he holds you, “I delight in you. RestintoMe.”
—brian j plachta​.

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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