Remember the Rain

Posted On April 14, 2022

Happy Easter, Simple Wisdom Friends!

Christ’s resurrection was not just an historical event. Resurrections are daily occurences that come in all shapes and sizes when we open our eyes and hearts to notice them. Here’s a resurrection story along with a spiritual practice.  May you notice and name the resurrections in your life as you awaken to Easter Wholeness—the gift of your human and divine Being embraced as One with the gift of unconditional love.


Remember the Rain



My sixty-three-year-old brain remembers a fearless five-year-old kid—the one who loved to pull on his yellow slicker as rainstorms swallowed the neighborhood. In his lime green rubber boots, he’d splish! splash! in the puddles, laughing with the Creator as droplets of rain baptized his forehead. That child was innocent and free.


I recall how he tucked Jesus into bed with him at night, next to Raggedy Andy, Winnie the Pooh, and Curious George. That boy felt safe. Everything was Goldilocks just right, including himself.


But somewhere along the way, that kid got lost. He got pushed and shoved into a corner as the responsible, heavy-burdened adult took center stage.




The anxious adult learned to fear and doubt. He was taught bad religion by well-intended teachers who’d swallowed bitter pills and proclaimed falsehoods about how God was angry, vengeful, and we’d better hide or at least appease him, lest he smite us.





The adult became scared on the inside. Life and he became bitter. He hushed his inner child. Told him he was bad. Then locked him in a windowless room and threw away the key—the one to his heart.


The inner kid stiffened his lip, stifled his tears. He sat alone, numb—lifeless in a darkened room.


One day the adult man found the key he thought he’d thrown away. A wise monk told him, “Remember the rain.” A timeless scripture echoed in his heart. “Become like a child.” The memory of rain and the ancient words beckoned the man to open his heart and set his child free.






The man leapt with joy. He knew what he needed to do. Take the key. Unlock the door—let your inner child out. He’s desperate for air. He wants the two of you to play again. He wants to love and be loved.


In that moment, sacred raindrops poured down from the heavens. The man’s eyes flooded with tears. He was there again with that five-year old child ready to unlock his time-worn heart.

Yellow raincoats and lime green rubber boots filled their imaginations.

“Come out. You’re safe,” the adult man whispered to his inner child. “Let’s play.  Let’s get baptized by the rain.”



The man and the boy danced once again in the city streets of their life. They splished! and they splashed!  They danced with the God of love who set their hearts free.


And when the old man gets too serious and forgets to play, his inner child whispers, “Remember the rain.”






—brian j plachta



Spiritual Practice–Remember the Rain–A Guided Meditation

Note: Click here to listen to the audio


Close your eyes.
Picture what you looked like as a young child.
Recall a moment when your inner child felt safe and happy. Carefree.
Or perhaps, remember a time as an adult you felt peace. Joy. Safe.

That happy child or peaceful adult still lives and breathes within you.
He or she is your Authentic Self.
They are your Inner Core.
They just got covered with the onion skins of life,
they were and are trying to be something or someone the ego told them they needed to be
so they could survive life’s pain and difficulty.

Now in your imagination pretend you’re playing in the rain.
Feel the raindrops refresh and nourish your skin.
Imagine God is there with you.
The Creator baptizes you with droplets of life-giving water
each sprinkle draws you deeper into your heart
there you feel safe, protected, joyous, and free
this place you enter in your imagination is your soul
a place where you and God dance together as One
and whenever you need to, you can come back to this Inner Place
you can remember the rain.




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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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