Ravish Me, O God

Posted On November 19, 2022

An initial note:
Dear friends, as our relationship with God continues to grow and deepen, we often realize that words can only point to something that is beyond our ability to grasp.
Our connection with the Divine moves beyond an abstract idea or a matter of intellectual belief.
It becomes a real, felt experience with the Source of our Being, who we now feel inside of us in our hearts, like a glowing light, a flow of pure air, or in other ways unique to each of us.
Here’s what rose up with me in my Quiet Time the other day, as I had coffee with the Creator.
Here is how I expressed my deepest desire to the God who continues to embrace each of us with Divine Love and Guidance.
May these words inspire you to name your deepest desires to the God who created you in the Divine Image.


Ravish Me, O God


(ravish—to fill someone with intense delight; enrapture; to overcome someone with great emotion)


You say you are the way,
the truth,
and the light.

You promise
you’re with us

You teach us
we are yours—
One with you.

And you give us
mustard seeds of faith
to believe these truths.

But I want more
than mustard seeds
O God, in whom I desire.

I want to be ravished by you.

Ravish me with your beauty.

Ravish me with your protection.

Ravish me with your wisdom.

Ravish me with your love.

Ravish me like two lovers
whose passion overtakes them
consumes them
makes them One.

Ravish me with your Divine passion.

Take my desire for you
fill me with Divine Grace
that I might taste you on my tongue
smell you in my nostrils
feel your holy embrace wrapped around my human skin.

Let me trust it’s your wisdom
that speaks
deep within my soul.

Remind me the air I breathe
is your breath filling
me with Divine Presence
that every breath
I take is You.

Help me experience
the joy you felt
when Divine Love spewed from your Spirit
spilled your seed
from your holy loins
and formed me.

Ravish me
like you did
when you placed me in my mother’s womb
and I became you
and you became me
in this sacred dance called life.

Ravish me, O Holy One

again, and again, and again.

—brian j plachta




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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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