Presence. Inner Touch.

Posted On July 10, 2016

Have you ever felt someone gently touch your arm, and as they did experienced a connection, a flow of energy, a sensation of their presence?
Our experience of God is like an inner touch, says Russian philosopher G. Gurdjieff, a sensation we experience when we quiet ourselves and become aware of the inner brush of God’s presence within our body.
Take a moment, close your eyes, and sit quietly. 
Notice your breathing. 
Become aware of your inner body, the body that exists on the other side of your skin.
Lift your thoughts up to God.
Become aware of his presence in you. 
What do you feel?
What do you notice on the inside? 
What sensation do you experience? 
Where in your body do you experience it? 
Then connect that sensation to an emotion.
Name the emotion.
Is it Peace? 
Become aware of the emotion as you experience the Inner Touch.
When I experience the Inner Touch it often feels like a quiet breeze flowing within my chest and abdomen.  I notice a swirling energy that sweeps through me for an instant.  And the Inner Touch calms me, centers me in the moment.  I experience peace. Presence.
Gurdjieff says this Inner Touch is the reality of God living and moving within us.  And as we become awake to  this divine presence we connect with God’s Spirit dwelling within us.
The invitation or the “work” as he calls it, is to gently come back to this inner presence, this sensation, as we to teach our Spirits how to remain connected with God, how to experience Divine Wholeness.
brian j plachta
(To learn more about Gurdjieff ‘s Fourth Way, download the free PDF, The Reality of Being, by clicking on this link:)

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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