Prayer of the One Self

Posted On October 1, 2016

I am beginning to know you better.  The two of you.  I am beginning to accept each of you as you are, opening my heart to be loved by the Life-Giver:

  • My true self, in touch with grace, in touch with my gifts, in touch with the discerning heart that lives within me.  My true self that has always known I Am a conduit of God’s love in the world. 
  • My false self that has used the tools it was given to survive the harshness of life having now found itself willing to let go, ready to love, and be loved.  My false self, which having stopped its ceaseless arm-wrestling, now hears the echoes of wisdom whispering in my heart. 

Divine Spirit, join these two parts of myself into One.
One in You.
One in Me. 

Let my false self know it is loved and accepted.

Let my true self-dig more deeply into the core of my essential being.

Take these two threads of my life and weave them into One golden tapestry that you are creating; so we might find your peace, which surpasses all understanding. 

brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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