Poppa, Are You Here?

Posted On June 30, 2021

When I was a child sleeping alone in my room, nightmares often jabbed me awake in the darkness of night.


Trembling, I’d sit up and call out, “Poppa, are you here?”



My father’s six-foot two-inch frame would appear in the doorway as if God had sent me a guardian angel.


“Yes, son. I am here. You are safe,” my father would whisper.



His words were enough to wrap me in a blanket of security. They lulled me back to sleep.


Now that my father has passed to the other side and gray hair daubs my brow, I sometimes still cry out “Poppa, are you here?”


It might be at night or in dawn’s quiet light.  Or I might cry out when the chaos of the day twirls my head with fear.


But now it’s God—my heavenly Poppa—who appears  in the doorway of my heart.



Here are tidbits of what he says when I call.


Poppa, are you here?


            I Am the blowing wind.


Poppa, are you here?


            I Am the joy-filled melody of dawn’s first birdsong.


Poppa, are you here?


            I Am present in the thin spaces between heaven and earth—between my heart and yours.


            I Am here inviting you to seek me—your deepest desire.


            I Am here softening your anger when you wish people and life weren’t so harsh.

            I Am here when you search for something outside yourself, knowing you’ll find peace

-when you look within.

            I Am here in your nakedness inviting you to discover I love you just as you are.


Poppa, are you here?


            I Am here in the dead-ends of your attachments and addictions waiting to remind you that you can always come home.


Poppa, are you here?


            I Am here in the words you type onto blank pages, trusting that in and through them you and others will find Me.

            Child, can you see me in the hearts of those men and women who ride the shrill sound of an ambulance call?  They are my servants. I have given them arms and legs and hearts of  gold to help creation know the healing touch of my hand.

            I Am in the traffic on the streets, in the cars filled with loving mothers and fathers returning home,

-where they will hold and bathe their children with my divine love.



Poppa, are you here when life overwhelms me? When life’s noise bombards me and I can’t figure out what is false and what is true?


            My child, do you remember what I promised? This is true.

            I  Am here with you always. 

            I Am tucked safely in the heart and soul of you.

            Look within, and you shall see me.

            I Am in You.





—brian j plachta




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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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