Keep Life Simple…Keep Life Silly

Posted On January 29, 2023

“God is simple,” Sister Nancy said as she peered at me through wise eyes during a spiritual direction session. “The Creator often reveals itself through a word, a phrase, or a gentle reminder of the gifts we’ve been given.”

In quiet meditation this morning, the Creator softly whispered these words as an invitation to see his Presence in the beauty of life-giving water:

“My child, I have given you and all humanity the gift of water. Water is calming, cleansing, life-giving. Mindfully drink a glass of water today. Feel it cool the back of your throat. Wash your hands and notice the gift of water cleansing your skin. As you take your morning shower, let the water droplets playfully splash on your chest, arms, and face. Let the simple pleasure of water fill you with gratitude and inner peace. Let water baptize you again and again with my joy.”




Entering the rest of the day, water became an anchor, a simple pleasure. As I drew my attention to the droplets of water I experienced throughout the day—washing my face, drinking a glass  of water, noticing the beauty of snow and rain—I filled with childlike joy and gratitude.

Each encounter with water reminded me of baptism. As the Creator showered me with life-giving, sustaining water, I could feel the droplets wash away the negativity of the world.



I recalled Sister Nancy’s wisdom.

God is simple. The Creator is also silly because God playfully uses the pleasures of life—the ones we often take for granted—to help us understand how much the Creator loves us and cares for us. Perhaps God even belly-rolls with laughter when the Creator sees us enjoying the gifts God showers upon us.


The Creator’s miracles are all around us. We just need awaken to them.

When we see Divine Presence in the simple pleasures with which the Creator gifts us, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. All creation sparkles with childlike wonder and awe.

Keep your life simple and silly today.

Let water become a visible sign and symbol of how much the Creator loves you, nourishes you, and sustains you with his love.

Let God baptize you with droplets of holy water.

—brian j plachta



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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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