Posted On November 12, 2017

Remember joy? 
When you saw a harvest moon rising across the horizon?
When the colors of a setting sun left you in tears?
When the birth of a child filled you with awe?
Remember joy?
When a friend comforted you?
When your mate made to love you?
When you sat in the Quiet and felt the warm loving presence of God?
That feeling of deep pleasure and happiness
That flow of positive energy throughout the body
That realization that we’re safe and always have been.
Joy—the fruit of love
Love—the foundation of the world
And you and I are charged to be its conduits, its creative flow.
Joy arises out of acceptance—accepting the world and ourselves as we are
Acceptance leads to gratitude—appreciating what’s good in our lives and in the world
Acceptance and gratitude lead to joy—receiving life as gift.
We get so caught up in worry and distractions
That we become unfamiliar with joy
We forget what it feels like.
But joy is always there
Just beneath our skin
Beyond the pain and confusion,
Waiting to share its beauty with us.
Do you remember joy?
Can you rediscover it?
Can you let its power heal you?
Can you open your heart to joy?
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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