I Believe

Posted On June 26, 2016

I Believe
I believe love is real.
That God is love.
And he formed you and me with the desire to create more love in the world.
And when we do, we are happy.
I believe when I sit in the Quiet and listen,
God connects with my soul even when I’m fidgety and distracted. 
And when I show up and let God love me something changes within and around me.
I believe the song of the first bird at daybreak is the Creator’s halleluiah chorus welcoming us with the gift of another day.
I believe when I’m pointing my finger at someone, it usually means I have more inner work to do.
I believe when two people fight they’re both being invited to grow, and when they forgive they’re stronger because of it.
I believe in innocence,
That the awe and trust I possessed as a small child still lives and breathes within me, they just get buried beneath adult onionskins that wrap themselves around my soul. 
But, when I allow God to work with me to unwrap, unpeel, and
Disentangle them, I return to the core of Me.
I believe the pale pink rays of the morning sunrise are God’s fingertips gentling holding my heart reminding me of life’s beauty and the need to be compassionate with myself and others.
I believe my imperfections are a pathway to growth, not something to be hidden. 
That God gives us a lifetime to evolve and come back to who we are.
I believe in hope. 
That the chaos of the daily news, the bitterness of angry words are simply seasons of darkness, yet even in the dark there is still a light which burns as an eternal ember within our souls dancing with the moon and giving way each day to the bursting forth of a radiant sun.
I believe we are One.
That you and I and all of creation are part of a cosmic Whole from which we were formed and from which we can never be separated. 
And I need you to remind me of that truth, because sometimes I forget what I believe.
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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