I Arise

Posted On July 30, 2017

I arise from the fire that burned and purified my life
From the pain that came from hurtful words and sad goodbyes
From the suffering of illness that brought me to my knees.
I arise because I’ve found the freedom that was leading me home
The joy that couldn’t be smothered by the hardships life tossed onto my path
I’ve discovered wisdom and compassion for myself and others
and these two amigos have become the life-breath of my beating heart.
I arise because I’ve found an inner strength I never knew lived in the depths of my Soul
I’ve found the stillness and silence that nourishes my Being with peace
I’ve befriended an intimate SomeOne that lives within me
and yet is far beyond
and more powerful than myself alone.
I arise because I’ve been broken
and I’ve surrendered to the truth of who and what I Am
And found that just like you
I Am beautiful and strong
gifted and talented
and blessed beyond what I could have imagined.
I arise because I’ve learned that life’s simplicity
is the way out of its complexity
And gratitude has become the song of my heart.
And I write these words not with a pen
but with the rich red blood that oozes in and from
the phoenix of my rising Soul.
Join me if you will
With your deepest desire
and let us arise again!
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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