How to Quiet Your Ego and Empower Your Divine Nature

Posted On May 24, 2024

There are two voices in my head these days.

One voice I call my Divine Nature, the inner voice that speaks truth, tells me who I am, and guides me with wisdom.

Through the voice of the Holy Spirit, my Divine Nature fills my mind and heart with love and acceptance.

The other voice is my ego.

It’s my false, mind-made self. It gets me confused and conflicted. It thrives on fear, anxiety, and guilt. The ego is the voice I sometimes want to turn to and shout, “Would you shut up!”

Over the last few months, these two voices have come to a standoff in my mind as I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles. 

The Course is a spiritual self-study program guiding individuals toward inner peace and deeper connection with God. Helen Schucman, a clinical and research psychologist, wrote it. She claimed it was dictated to her by an inner voice she identified as Jesus Christ.

I know, saying Jesus has dictated a book might sound crazy.

But I tell you, studying the Course has given me new insights. It has reaffirmed many of the Christian beliefs I’ve been taught.


Write On!

My ego is rambunctious as I try and integrate what I’m learning (and unlearning). It’s arm-wrestling with my Divine Nature. The battle inside my head between these two competitors rages. My ego has declared civil war!

 One of the ways I’m working through this mental struggle is to write about it. When I write about stuff God’s inviting me to learn and apply to life, the Divine Muse (God) gives clarity and deeper understanding.

And I hope as I write out loud about what I’m struggling to learn, it will help you discover and apply it to your life too.

Over the next few weeks, let’s dig into these questions so we can lean into the answers:

1.  What’s my ego?

2.  Who am I?

3.  Who is my guide?

This week we begin our journey forward by identifying the two voices in our minds: Our Divine Nature and our ego.


What’s My Ego?

The ego is not evil, it’s just confused.

Over a lifetime of protecting ourselves, the ego constructs a false sense of self. It clings to an identity based on our physical appearances, social and work roles, relationships, and material attachments.

This “mind-made self” is fragile. It seeks constant validation to affirm it’s real, but it’s not real. It’s an illusion.

Ego messes up our minds with faulty thinking. It believes a bunch of lies. It believes we’re separated from God. We’re flawed. Unworthy of love. We’re bad. Ego thrives on fear, guilt, and conflict because it thinks those mental steel walls will protect us from further harm. It focuses on past hurts, current problems, and future worries. Ego lives and breeds in survival mode. It seeks to distract us with social media, entertainment, sports, and any other addiction it can throw at us. The ego’s home base is fear. It’s threatened by love.

But ego is not real, although it sure thinks it is. It’s the misconceptions we’ve told ourselves over the years, the false beliefs we’ve used to protect us from life’s pain and suffering. 

When the ego feels threatened, it will pick a fight, especially with our Divine Nature. The ego resists Divine Nature (aka our True Self) because it challenges the ego’s existence.

Ego screams at Divine Nature, hurling one mental attack after another. It challenges our True Self with words like, “Who are you to tell me I’m not real? I’m the boss around here, not you. Just be quiet and things will go back to normal—confusion, conflict, doubt, fear, all the things I thrive on. So, let me win the battle and the fight will end.”

With compassion, Divine Nature gently uncovers the ego’s false, fear-based beliefs of separation, its unhealthy need to control, and its desire to win at all costs.


What’s My Divine Nature?

 Our Divine Nature is the Truth of who we are. It’s the essence that our minds know: “I am as God created me—perfect love in human form.”

Our Divine Nature understands and lives from these truths:

  • We are one with God.
  • We are not separated from the Divine.
  • We are God’s creation filled with unconditional love and boundless joy.
  • Our inner state of perfect peace cannot be disturbed by external circumstances.
  • We have a built-in eternal voice of wisdom—our Inner Teacher—who guides us into living our best life and creating more love. In Christianity, we call this Inner Voice the Holy Spirit.
  • Our Divine Nature knows we can experience Heaven here and now if we choose to live from our True Self, which is pure and unconditional love.


Divine Nature Doesn’t Fight with Ego

Our True Self is patient and compassionate with ego. It doesn’t fight with ego. It understands ego is an unruly child that got misguided through life’s hurts and false teachings.

Divine Nature seeks to heal our mind’s false thinking through love, forgiveness, and the recognition of divine truth. It helps us unlearn the lies we’ve embraced.

The path of healing our minds is a life-long journey. With God’s grace, our inner work, and cooperation with the Teacher, we learn how to understand and transcend the ego.  We move toward spiritual awakening and the recognition of our true identity.


This Is How We Do It

By understanding and observing these two parts of our human nature—what some call our True Self and false self—we learn how to stop arm-wrestling with our ego. We discover the path back to our Divine Nature.

Here are several key strategies you can use to transcend the ego:

Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is central to transcending the ego. It means letting go of past hurts and recognizing the innocence in others and yourself. This helps dissolve the ego’s pattern of ruminating on our wounds and making false judgments of ourselves and others.

Retrain Your Mind

Whenever you notice a fear-based thought, train your mind to shift your focus from ego-driven thoughts to thoughts aligned with divine truth. Use positive, life-giving affirmations to replace the voice of the inner critic that the ego uses to drag us into guilt, shame, and other lies.

Cultivate Awareness

Developing an awareness of the ego’s thoughts and tactics is important. By observing your thoughts without judgment, you can start to distinguish between ego-driven reactions and your higher, true self.

Seek Inner Guidance

Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, your inner divine teacher. Listen for the still, small voice of truth by quieting your mind through meditation, prayer, and daily solitude.

Practice Staying in the Present Moment

Staying present in the moment helps you step out of the ego’s constant preoccupation with the past and future. The practice of mindfulness anchors you in a state of peace and clarity.

Affirm Your True Identity

Regularly affirming your true identity as a beloved child of God helps reinforce your understanding of your spiritual nature. Do this through affirmations, contemplation, or journaling. Don’t believe the lies the ego tries to tell you. Instead, affirm, “I am as God created me—a Divine Spirit of love.”

Surrender Control

Recognize the ego thrives on control and manipulation. Surrendering control to a higher power and trusting in divine guidance weakens the ego’s influence.

Extend Love

Extending love and kindness to others helps break down the ego’s barriers of separation. Love is the antithesis of the ego’s fear-based mentality. Practice loving kindness toward yourself and others.

Consistent Practice

The transformation from fear-based, false thinking to love-based Truth is gradual. It requires consistent practice and patience. Daily meditation, listening to the Inner Voice of Love, and seeking God’s grace to guide you are keys to the life-long journey of living from your True Self.

By integrating these practices into your daily life, you can gradually overcome the ego’s resistance and align more closely with your true spiritual nature, experiencing greater peace, love, and unity.




Stay Tuned

In next week’s reflection, we’ll continue to pull back the veil on our ego as we ponder the next question:

Who am I?

What is my True Identity?

—brian j plachta




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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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