How to Live a Soul-Centered Life (and why you want to)

Posted On May 13, 2023

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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How to Let Suffering Become a Wise Teacher

When you encounter pain or suffering—physical or emotional—ask yourself, “What is this suffering teaching me? How am I being invited to grow?” 

Let your suffering become a wise teacher.

Blow Back the Thin Veil

They say there is a thin veil between us and the Divine, a sheer, silky curtain that sways in a heavenly wind between God’s heart and ours.


  1. Lois Lynch

    Thank you for shaking my soul to life.

    • brian j. plachta

      A whole lot of shaking going on!! 😃😃😃

      • Pat Khan

        My soul is in my ❤️. When I open my heart I find my soul.

        • brian j. plachta

          Amen!!! The Holy Spirit dwells within our hearts.


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