How to Listen to Silence—So You Can Become Inner Stillness

Posted On June 1, 2022


Between each breath, there is stillness.

Between each wave, there is quiet.

Between each blast of blowing wind, there is calm.

Have you heard that silence?

The ancients call this practice “listening to silence.”  It’s a way we can discover our true nature.

The ancients invite us to hear the silence in the mountains and rivers, the great wide earth, the sky. They suggest we find it between each breath, each word, and the blowing winds.

With practice, they say, we’ll notice the whole universe falls into deep repose as we become the quiet presence within ourselves.

Perhaps in this space between nothingness and everything, we find heaven.

Maybe the pathway to connecting heaven and earth within us is inner stillness.

What do you think?

What do you know beyond knowing?

How far is heaven?

Can heaven be as close to us as the pause between each sound?

Is silence a pathway to the Divine within us?

In the stillness, let go of your need to understand.

Let your resistance to mystery fade.

Let stillness take you on a magic carpet ride beyond time and space to your soul.

There, the thin veil between you and the Creator parts.

There, the human and divine kiss in a holy embrace.

Listen to the lull between each sound.

Let stillness embrace your body.

Set free your Inner Being.

Become Silence.
Become Stillness.
Discover your true nature within the Divine.

—-brian j plachta

Spiritual Practice—A Guided Meditation

Find a quiet place to sit
Close your eyes
Place your fingers in your ears so you can hear the sounds of your Inner Self

As you rest in this moment, listen to your breath
Hear the universe whirling within you

Let each sound fade away as it comes and goes
Draw your attention to the serenity between each vibration

Let the mystery of inner silence delight you
Become aware of the Divine within you

Receive the gift of holy silence
Become One with it

In this place of Being, notice how you and the Creator embrace
How your body becomes Stillness

Return to this practice of listening to silence throughout the day as a way of grounding yourself in the Divine within the midst of human clamor.

—brian j plachta

Click Here to Listen to the above as a Guided Meditation



June Finding Flow Workshops 


Join me for the June 24-25 Workshops:

Finding Flow and Deepening Finding Flow
the Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas

Together we’ll unpack the four questions below and discover a pathway to your Inner Self and God.

  • What does inner peace look like to you?
  • What does it mean for your life to be balanced?
  • How do you feel when you sense wholeness?
  • What are the spiritual tools and practices that allow us to discover and sustain the flow of inner peace, balance, and wholeness?


You have two options to join the Workshop:

Option 1: You can attend the Friday evening session on-line via Zoom; or

Option 2: You can attend both the Friday evening on-line session, and Saturday in-person workshop at Dominican Center.

Click the links below to learn more and register:

Friday Night Zoom Session On-line

Friday Night Zoom Session On-line and Saturday morning in-person session at DCM

Together, let’s continue to Find the Divine Flow within us!

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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