How to Ask Your Questions So You Can Live into the Answers

Posted On April 6, 2022


“The spiritual life isn’t about knowing the answers—it’s about asking the questions so you can live into the answers,” one of my favorite teachers says.


By formulating questions, we focus our attention and gain clarity. We then hold the questions and ponder them in our hearts like Mary did after the angel appeared to her. Eventually, with God’s grace, the answers appear—perhaps through something you read, advice from a loved one, or an insight that pops up in your heart.

As we follow the guidance we receive, we live into the answers. We mold and shape our lives with divine wisdom.


There are many simple yet important questions that are helpful to ask in the classroom of our lives. Who am I? Who is God? What’s my purpose? Am I on the right track?


I often ask myself: What do I need from God right now?



This question draws my attention to my Inner Self. It causes me to pause and scan my heart to identify the emotions bubbling up in me. It helps me reach out to the Creator and ask for what I need in that moment.


As I asked that question the other day, my heart responded: I need God’s love and approval. I need to know I’m on the right path. I need inner peace.


Pondering, waiting for God’s answer, I heard the Divine whisper, “I love you. You are good. You are mine.”






The words dove deep into my soul. They reassured me God is near, and his love is guiding me. They helped me accept my imperfect self as God does. They invited me to continue letting the Creator’s gentle hands guide my steps.



Consider asking yourself: “What do I need from God right now?”

Then hold the question in your heart.

Ponder it.

Talk to the Creator like you would a good friend.

See how the One who loves you with unconditional love responds, as you learn to live into the answers.







—brian j plachta





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Announcing: Finding Flow Friday Tips



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I look forward to continuing to encourage you on your spiritual path.

FYI—the first Finding Flow Friday tip is titled:

How Do I Quiet My Monkey Mind?

Here’s a clue to what the solution is:


Written by Brian J. Plachta

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