How a Simple Question Helps Get The Funk Out and Opens the Door to Inner Growth

Posted On May 11, 2022

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re grousing at yourself and the world around you? Everything seems out of sorts—including yourself—and you can’t figure out why. You’re stuck in a funk.


I had one of those grumpy old man days recently. I was angry at myself for being impatient. I fumed as I watched the news and listened to the rants from do-nothing politicians. My daily to-do list had turned into the Abominable Snowman roaring at me to get everything on it done—now!

As I took my frustration out on the elliptical machine at the gym, a question a spiritual mentor taught me years ago rose from my heart. It was a simple question that allowed me to step back, get off my pity pot, and look objectively at what was going on inside of me.

“What are you trying to teach me, God?” rolled off my heart’s tongue.




God’s whisper responded, “I’m helping you learn acceptance. Accepting life on life’s terms. Accepting your own and others’ imperfections.”

As sweat poured off my brow, the anger softened. I listened as the Spirit’s wisdom continued to offer clarity.

“It’s okay you strive to improve yourself. It’s good you’re aware of your growing edges and are willing to let me shape and mold you with my love. But your perfectionism is pouncing on your brain once again. You’re trying too hard. You—and the world—are imperfect.”

God reminded me once again of my growing edges—those parts of my personality that need fine-tuning.

“You are safe. You are good. The world will continue to unfold through its ups and downs like it has for two thousand years. Love yourself. Self-compassion will open your heart’s door to acceptance. And as you let me love you with my unconditional love, that love will overflow within you and spill out into the world.”

I left the gym that day with a lighter heart. The cloud of of anger and judgment lifted. God invited me to embrace acceptance and self-compassion.



Remember the simple question, “God, what are you trying to teach me?” It helps get the funk out and leads to inner growth.



Spiritual Practice


The next time you get stuck in the funk, stop and ask: “God, what are you trying to teach me?”

If you’d like to listen to a Guided Meditation for discerning what God’s teaching you, click on the link below, enter the Stillness, seek Wisdom, and discover Divine Guidance.


Click here to enjoy a guided meditation: What are you teaching me God?

—brian j plachta


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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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