Hope and Courage: The Promise of Spring

Posted On March 16, 2022

Winter sighs
as weary snow melts
covering the Earth
with soiled slush.


We too are tired
Tired of winter
Tired of covid
Tired of wars and rumors of wars.


Spring proclaims, God has not given up on us
The Creator’s love and beauty continue to unfold
with patient trust.

Daffodils push brave bonnets
through crusty ground
reaching toward Easter sun.


We too rise again
remove heavy coats of gloom and despair
hearts now on fire with love
rally around those suffering
from the evil of war.


Love is the fruit of Spring
Hope is the infant of courage.


As we watch those who dig deep
into the soil of their hearts
unearthing roots of resilience and compassion
we remember who we are
what we believe in.


This year perhaps more than ever
we need the hope and courage of Spring.


We need to sow seeds of love
water our hearts with silence and prayer
become the promise of Spring once again.

Let us raise our tired hearts
to the Divine Light

Let us rise with fruits of hope and courage.
Let the promise of Spring
season our hearts
with the newness of eternal love.



—brian j plachta

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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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