Grief: The Unwelcomed Visitor (A reflection for those who’ve lost loved ones)

“You may linger a while longer, grief,” I whispered. “You are an important visitor. There are more lessons you must teach us on this journey called life.” 

How to Let Go of your Eg(g)o and Live Your True Self 

Discovering our True Self—our Self in God—is a life-long journey. With God’s grace and your desire to grow, here are ways you can unearth who you truly are.

How Will You Find Solace in Autumn’s Embrace?

Embrace the autumn seasons of your life, quiet yourself, and reconnect with your soul.

How’d a Burger King Become a Guiding Light? -An Epiphany Story

We are each other’s teachers.
Read Steve’s story.
Let it inspire you!

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