Posted On January 12, 2018

I wonder if I’ll go to heaven?
It’s a question that comes and goes from time to time.
One of those thoughts that nags at me.
I’m coming to understand however,
Heaven isn’t a place “out there.”
Dangling like a carrot in the future.
Waiting for me to earn my way to it.
Heaven is a daily choice
Minute by minute
Of living in peace and love.
It’s a gift bestowed in the Present Moment.
We experience it when we realize we’re loved unconditionally by the Creator.
When our hearts trust we’re One with the Divine.
We touch heaven when we uncover our hidden abilities, and come alive.
And then use those gifts to scatter more love, peace, and joy into the world.
Heaven calls us to open our human hearts to God’s Divine Heart.
To clear the mind-chatter so we can experience the Sacred.
To take the time to let the Creator remind us of who we are: Infinite Love’s creation
tucked gently in the compassionate heart of Christ.
Heaven begins when we sit in the quiet sipping coffee with the Creator.
Listening as he whispers words of wisdom, guidance, and affirmation.
Keeping us focused on Truth.
And in those moments of quiet solitude
We are drawn closer to love.
We are embraced by the Infinite Arms of the Creator.
We are held.
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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