God Revealed

Posted On February 1, 2018

Much has been written about how God is hidden. How the Creator has tucked Divinity into the universe in ways we cannot see.
This unsettles me. Why would the God of Love hide from us? If the Creator loves us, why play hide and seek?
Perhaps it’s not God who messed up by failing to reveal himself to us face-to-face.  Rather, maybe it’s our perspective about God that needs fine-tuning.
If God is the Spirit of Love—Divine Energy that creates, sustains, and fashions everything—then maybe light years ago as part of the Divine Plan, God breathed Spirit into matter.  Matter—you and me, cats and dogs, the sun, stars, and moon—these are God in Action. God revealing Divine Nature in every living Being.  God pouring and emptying the Spirit of Love into creation.
God then is not hidden, but revealed.  God communicates, “I love you,” with every ounce of Beauty we experience, and boldly proclaims this infinite pattern of embodiment through the gift of his Son.
If this is the blueprint, God’s game plan of how he’s infused Spirit into matter to reveal himself though unfolding creation, then instead of asking God to reveal his hiddenness, maybe instead we might ask for the awareness to see Divine Presence, God enfleshed, in each moment.
And as we shift perspective from God hidden, to God revealed, these words might become our heart’s prayer:
You have revealed yourself in human flesh.
Help us to find you in the eyes of loved ones who mirror your unconditional love for us.
You have revealed yourself in the broken, the lost, the addicted, the weak.
Help us see you when we hold one another’s hands, when we walk alongside each other, blow the dust from anxious eyes, and weep with those who mourn.
You have revealed yourself in our hearts. 
Help us find you when we’re filled with shame or pride, when we fight everything and everyone we want to change, including ourselves, and show us your grace to be fully who we are in you—human and divine.
You have revealed yourself in nature, in the soft fur of cats and dogs and other creatures who fill our lives.
Help us see your Presence in the wag of their tails, in the purr of their meow, and in the innocence of their love.
You have revealed yourself in the sun and the moon and the stars.
Help us experience you when we look up with awe and behold your Beauty and Delight.
You have revealed yourself in the still small voice that whispers words of wisdom and compassion to our souls.
Give us ears to hear, so that in the quiet of our hearts we might know your voice and follow where you lead.

Perhaps God is so awesome that he’s chosen to reveal his love in a multitude of ways. And rather than questioning why he’s hidden, we’re invited to open our eyes to see Divine Presence—revealed, embodied, and unfolding in all Creation.
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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