God Is Good and So Are You

Posted On June 22, 2022

Recently, a friend reminded me of a phrase I’d shared with her when life had trampled her heart: “God is good and so are you.”




They might just be words, but when we receive them in our hearts as a gift and savor them like a slice of warm, butter-soaked bread, they nourish our souls with divine food.

God is good and so are you.

God splashes the beauty of divine love over the earth every day—the intoxicating smell of honeysuckle wafting in the air, the gentle strength of a loved one holding our hand, the morning sun transforming night into day.



These wonders remind us of the Creator’s goodness, providing for us a Divine blessing of beauty and abundance far beyond our capacity to understand. They fill us with awe as our hearts drink them like heavenly wine.

We are good.


We are made of God’s love poured into our Being. The Creator blew stardust into our DNA, formed our bodies with the clay of his hands, and invited us to create more love in the world.




Make these words your own: God is good and so am I.


Say them until they become a joyful tune restoring your child-like heart.




Say them until a radiant smile softens your time-worn face.

Savor them like a glass of warm milk and chocolate chip cookies, letting these words replace the lies telling you otherwise.

Claim the words as an act of self-compassion.

Let yourself feel the depth and breadth of the miracle of you in every cell of your body.

Caress your chest with your hands. Massage the words into your heart. Breathe in the depth of their endless meaning.


Sing with all the angels the heavenly chorus: God is good and so am I!




When you have claimed these words as your own and allowed them to become the core of your Being, remind someone else: God is good and so are you.


—brian j plachta

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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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