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Have you signed up for the Finding Flow Summit 2022? Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jumpstart your spiritual life.

The Finding Flow Summit features world-class spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, and life coaches. The Summit attracts participants worldwide to share and partake in life-changing lessons in all aspects of life.

How do you fight solitude, especially in these challenging times? How do you maintain or start a spiritual meditation or reading habit? Come learn how to explore your spiritual and community gifts.

The Finding Flow Summit runs from Sunday, March 6th, 2022, to Friday, March 11th, 2022, and provides you with a  life-transforming experience. Sign up today to learn the practical steps of how you can reclaim inner peace, balance, and wholeness by getting into Divine Flow.

Find Practical Inspiration!

Unearth the counterproductive beliefs you’ve locked yourself in and finally discover your spiritual capabilities.

The Finding FlowSummit addresses your questions about how to grow spiritually and live the life you imagine. Come and rediscover how you can live with passion and purpose.

The Finding Flow Summit will equip you with tools to overcome fear, live happily, and push through your upper limits so you can accomplish your goals!

Best of all, the registration is free. After registration, you’ll have access to twenty top spiritual leaders who’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of Finding Flow in your life. Your free registration entitles you to access each of the daily recordings for 48 hours.

If you want immediate 24/7 lifetime access to all sessions. you can register for a lifetime pass. Simply register and then purchase your lifetime pass at $67 within 15 minutes of registration. You’ll enjoy lifetime access to all the Summit’s recordings.

But don’t feel locked out just yet! You can register at your convenience and purchase a lifetime pass later at $97. And you’ll then enjoy lifetime access to all the Summit’s recordings.

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Read more about the 20+ speakers at our  Summit!

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Day by Day Breakdown


March 6, 2022: Live Zoom

March 7, 2022: Finding Flow Through Solitude

March 8, 2022: Finding Flow Through Spiritual Reading

March 9, 2022: Finding Flow Through Community

March 10, 2022: Finding Flow Through Spiritual Gifts

March 11, 2022: Live Question & Answer

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