Finding Divine Flow Course

6 Week Course Designed

to Help You Find Divine Flow

Do you ever wonder:

  • How do I connect with the natural flow of inner peace, balance, and wholeness so I can live the life I imagine?
  • How do I stop my monkey-mind from its constant chattering so I can listen and live from my heart?
  • What’s “Divine Flow” and how do I sustain it?
  • Is there a time-tested pathway I can integrate into my life that countless spiritual heroes and teachers followed, which will allow me to connect with my Inner Self and God?
  • What are the best spiritual practices that will help me sustain a life-giving connection between myself and God so I can receive the guidance and affirmation I need to live as my best self?

Finding Divine Flow

I invite you to join me and other spiritual seekers on the journey of “Finding Divine Flow”—being one with the Divine Spirit who connects us with God and helps us experience inner peace, balance, and wholeness.

As a writer, spiritual director, and teacher I look forward to offering you this six-week online course designed to help you discover a simple process I’ve learned over the years based upon the ancient wisdom traditions, which will help you awaken to and stay in Divine Flow so you can experience the Presence of God in your daily life.

The course will be offered live on Zoom on these dates from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Eastern US Time):

  • Wednesday, April 13 
  • Wednesday, April 20 
  • Wednesday, April 27
  • Wednesday, May 4
  • Wednesday, May 11
  • Wednesday, May 18

Cost: $147 plus purchase of the book: Finding Flow—Spiritual Practices to Reclaim Inner Peace, Balance, and Wholeness. 

Besides the six-week course, you’ll be entitled to two (2) private one-hour spiritual direction meetings with me.

Register now and discover how you can find the Divine Flow within you!