Everything You Need Is in Your Heart

Posted On April 1, 2022


The Creator whispered words to my spirit. Like a cup of tea, I savored them, held them, let the words become flesh in me.





These are the words Spirit spoke:


“Everything you need is in your heart, in that place within you where I dwell—where my Divine Embrace holds and guides you with sacred wisdom.”


A warm breeze filled the porch air. I lifted my gaze and savored the dawn. A robin’s love song invited me into Sacred Space.







“Where is this place where you dwell within me?” I asked the Creator. “How do I get there?”


“It’s a place you cannot grasp with your mind. Like a gentle breeze, you cannot touch it or contain it. This place within you dwells in your heart. It’s beyond your rational mind. You can only experience it.”










“If I cannot touch it with my hands or understand it with my mind, how do I know it’s real?”




“When you experience the taste of love inside you, feel a gentle Presence beyond words, when your mind sinks into your heart and your body warms with delight, then you know you have found the place where God and you dwell as One. Then you know this place in you is Real.




“Then you understand the secret to life—everything you need is in your heart.”






—brian j plachta

Spiritual Practice



Take a few moments to pause and enter the quiet.
Place your fingers alongside your head.
Trace them down your face.
Let them come to rest upon your heart.
Open your hand on your chest.
Feel the warm glow.
Savor the beating of your heart.
Let your mind sink into your heart.
Rest there.
This is the place where God and you dwell as One.
Listen to the stillness.
Everything you need is there in your heart.





Announcing: Finding Flow Friday Tips


Many weekly readers of this Simple Wisdom blog have asked if I would provide some short, practical tips that would help them on the Finding Flow Journey. So, starting Friday, April 15, 2022 and every other Friday after that, I’ll email readers a 2 minute video called Finding Flow Friday Tips.  My hope is these short videos I’ll prepare will address some of the common questions and problems we often experience on the spiritual journey.  If there is a question or topic you’d like me to focus on for these short videos, shoot me an email.

I look forward to continuing to encourage you on your spiritual path.

FYI—the first Finding Flow Friday tip is titled:

How Do I Quiet My Monkey Mind?

Here’s a clue to what the solution is:


 Look for the Finding Flow Friday Tip Starting April 15. 





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My granddaughter, Mia, loves it, and according to her mom she says, “You’re never too young or old to “Find Flow.'”



Here’s what people are saying about the book:

Finding Flow provides readers with a simple process to reclaim a close, playful relationship with God. This book adds a spiritual element to the current discussions by psychologists, athletes, and creatives about “flow,” which author brian plachta defines as being one with the Divine Spirit who opens our hearts, allowing us to experience inner peace, balance, and wholeness.”

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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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