Posted On December 15, 2017

A basic human need is to be loved; to experience someone’s caring arms wrapped around us; to feel the touch of their skin against ours; to know we’re safe. We’re loved.
Our need to be held and protected can be experienced through Christ’s touch, through imagining we’re held by a Divine Embrace.
How?  Try this meditation:
Close your eyes and become quiet.
Take a few deep breaths.
Imagine you’re the Beloved resting with Jesus.
You lean into his strong chest.
​Imagine Christ placing his arms around you, holding you, embracing you.
Feel his touch on your skin.
Notice his breath on your neck. 
Listen to his heartbeat. 
Notice the air rise and fall in his lungs. 
Feel the energy, the warm comfort flowing between you and him. 

The energy is Divine Love.  This love lives within each of us like an electromagnetic force. Divine Electricity. As we sit and rest in Christ, we experience his love.
Emmanuel—God is with us.  God is in us.
It’s more than a Christmas story. It’s true. You are embraced.  You are loved intimately by God. You are safe. The Word has become flesh, holding and embodying itself in, around, and through you.
Let this Divine Love quiet you, heal you, enter every cell in your body.  And know this Divine Embrace holds you now and for eternity.
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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