Embrace Your Inner Grump

Posted On December 31, 2016

There’s a grumpy old man living inside of me.
He rears his warted head every time I judge myself, grumble at the world, and grouse about life’s imperfections.
He tries to put out the light that lives inside of me.  He’s angry because the light blinds his eyes to the good in the world, to the good in me.  He wants the light to go out so he can dwell in bitterness, darkness, and remorse.  It’s easier that way, he believes.
I whisper to my grumpy old man that the inner light cannot be put out. It is the light of love.  And love endures. It never ends. It never fails. It pierces the darkness because it’s the Divine Energy that sustains all creation.
As we begin a new year, I’m making a pact with my grumpy old man. I resolve to acknowledge and embrace him, to reach out to that crotchety guy who lives inside of me, hold him in my heart, calm him, quiet him, reassure him that he’s safe, and help him choose love so he becomes the Light itself.
brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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