Embrace the Mystery

Posted On May 27, 2016

The building blocks we demand life provide us.
Definitions we can intellectualize.
Understanding we can fit into our mind’s preconceived perceptions like overstuffed closets that cannot hold any more clothes.
Resisting change we stomp our feet complaining, why is life not how we think it should be?
What do we do when life doesn’t fit into our neat and tidy boxes?
When the certainty we try and grasp doesn’t come and all that remains is nagging doubt and seething fear?
The invitation is to let go, find the adventure, and embrace the Great Mystery, which is always something bigger than us.
In the Mystery, we learn to trust our desires.
We give voice to our yearning.
We allow life to unfold.
And discover what we really seek is the physical structure of the universe: love.
Wild and boisterous…
Untamed and raw…
God’s very self is love and we are part of the Endless Unity, the Eternal Liberty.
In the Great Mystery everything belongs and we are part of the Great Oneing that is emerging, seeping into every corner of Creation uniting heaven with earth.
In the wheat field of Mystery, life’s question is much bigger than the intellectual mind’s feeble attempt to answer: what’s God’s plan for my life?
The Great Mystery instead nudges, awakens, and attunes our imagination to the Creator’s gentle whisper in our soul, there our hearts echo the answer to the deeper question: what brings me to life?
 —brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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