Opening Our Hearts to the Gift of Divine Flow

Posted On February 10, 2022


I can’t get there
I can only
get out of the way





I can’t make it happen
I can only open my heart




allowing Divine Grace to fill me
guiding me towards my Highest Self
the Self that dwells in God
the Divine Flow living in and through me





The footprints of spiritual heroes
St. Francis, Mother Teresa, Thomas Merton, and
other holy seekers
mark the trail that leads to Divine Flow




Is it real?
this Higher Self and God?



I don’t know
It is beyond human reason










Yet my heart trusts
it is the Power of Love
drawing me closer
with every breath I take
to the Source of my Being



Grace embraces me





like air drifting through a flute
I enter Divine Flow





knowing this Spirit
touching my soul
in me
is Real








—brian j plachta

How to Enter the Divine Flow  



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—Diane Zerfas, OP, coordinator for spirituality, Dominican Center at Marywood

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Finding Flow—Simple
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Why spiritual meditation and contemplation are daily bread for our souls

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Written by Brian J. Plachta

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