Discover Your Deep Self

Posted On July 28, 2018

There is in each of us a Pure Self
a Deep Self known only to us and God.
The Deep Self is in our Hearts. 
It knows us, 
loves us, 
connects us to the Creator through our Soul. 

Our Deep Self is a Wisdom Seeker.
Guided by the Holy Spirit,
It listens, learns, and integrate life’s Universal Truths
and then reveals them through compassion. 
Our Deep Self is not concerned with what others think about us.  
It makes its mark on the world through Loving Presence. 
It knows who It is—God’s Abiding Friend. 
Our Deep Self lives at a boundless level
of connection and understanding,
a third consciousness
beyond the intellect and ego.  

Our Deep Self is humble. 
It knows that our human perfections and imperfections
are all part of the rich tapestry of the Sacred Self. 
Discover your Deep Self.
Live from, in, and through that Self.  
As you step into the Truth of who you really are, 
don’t let others manipulate that Self for their own needs, 
projecting their problems and fears onto you.  
Instead, learn from those false teachers.
Allow their harsh words to bounce off your chest
And ricochet with Compassion toward yourself and others.  
Experience your Deep Self through nature. 
Find rest and inspiration in God’s beauty. 
Allow your Deep Self to nudge you,
teach you how to let go when you’re clinging,
how to live from the Inner Peace of holy detachment. 
Take time
to discover your Deep Self. 
It’s waiting for you. 
Take Its hand. 

Ponder:  There’s a Deep Self within each of us. Some call it the True Self, the Sacred Self, or the Face Before We Were Born. Whatever you call it, allow yourself to find and befriend It. 
Something to Try: Find two or three pictures that represent your Deep Self. Post them as a screen saver on your computer or cell phone, or hang them on a mirror to remind you of who you really are. 

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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