Discover the Power of a God Who Untangles Our Hearts

Posted On March 26, 2023

 My buddy Sam prays by reciting the divine names of God. Adonai, YHWH, andEl Shaddai are some of the words he uses to praise the Creator. Sam says each name describes a unique characteristic of the Divine. Using them draws him closer to the God of his understanding.



I like Sam’s way of using the formal names of God to pray, but lately, I’ve  been using more street-level language to describe the God of my understanding.


Today, God is the “One who Untangles My Heart.” Like many of us, I try to be a person of faith. I believe in God, but my fears, resentments, and the world’s chaos tie knots around my heart. The knots choke me with bitterness and anxiety. I live fear-based instead of love-based.


When I ask the Creator for healing grace, the God Who Untangles My Heart gently unthreads the knots piece-by-piece as he reminds me, “I hold your heart in mine. You are safe. You are loved. I restore you with the healing grace of inner ease. You are mine, not the world’s.” As God untangles my heart, I also hear him whisper, “You are my Beloved.” And, in that moment, if only for a few seconds, I remember who I am.

Allowing our imaginations to consider who God is to us, helps us reclaim a playful, child-like relationship with the Creator. The unique words and images with which we describe God deepen our relationship with the Creator as we open our hearts to receive unconditional love from the Source of our Being.

As our relationship with God grows, we come to trust our unique experiences of the Divine as the real presence of God. “God-with-skin” becomes a reality for us, not just a concept.
My relationship with the God of My Understanding has deepened over the years through the lifestyle practices I’ve discovered called Living In Divine Flow. I’ve integrated these life-giving practices into my daily life and will be teaching all about them in an online course that starts on March 28. You can learn more and register for the course by clicking the link below if you haven’t already registered.


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Spiritual Practice


This week, take time to sit in silence and ask yourself,

“In this season of my life, who is God to me? What words, phrases, or images describe the God of my understanding?”


Have fun! Let you and the God of your understanding get know to each other more and more as the God Who Untangles Our Hearts draws your heart deeper into the Divine Heart.



—brian j plachta



Written by Brian J. Plachta

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