Posted On November 3, 2017

There’s an ache that accompanies us
A human wound that won’t go away.
It’s our desire for God
Our longing for the Compassion
with which he created all things.
The paradox: we are his Compassion
We are created and embraced by Infinite Love.
I Am That
That Who lives in, through, and around Us.
Why, then, this angst?
This longing?
This veil that seems to isolate us from ourselves, each other, and him?
Perhaps it’s the false notion that we’re separated from the Divine
The illusion we’re not yet who we’re supposed to be.
And we’re given two choices when confronted with this human wound:
We can ignore it
Grip our hands to ears
Walk away in bitter disappointment
And let the wound fester.
Or we can acknowledge it
See it as invitation to let go
To let the Divine Lover take us by the hand
And enter the wedding feast he’s prepared.
Give me the grace, O Lover of My Soul, to give you my hand
And walk with you into the wedding chamber.
Let me open my heart to Infinite Love
Rest there against your chest
And listen to the beating of your heart in mine
and mine in yours.
—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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