How to Turn Baby Steps Into Leaps of Faith

What’s the next step you can take to continue growing into your Truest Self?

How a Red Thread Can Teach Us to Let Go, Let God

When you ruminate over a situation you can’t solve, whisper, “My mind is powerless. My heart is wise.”

How to Respond to Violence by Standing In the Power of Your Gifts

No one can erase the pain families experience when they lose loved ones through senseless acts of violence.
But rather than letting evil win, we can dig deep, discover our gifts, and respond with acts of great love.

Give Yourself the Gift of Gratitude

“I tried for years to flip off the negative-attitude switch and click on joy,” my friend Paul told me. “I read books and memorized scripture passages about the joy of the Lord. I even posted a choose joy sticker on my refrigerator. But it wasn’t until I practiced...

What’s In Your Spiritual Toolbox?

"What's that cedar box in your living room?" I asked my aunt. "It's my hope chest," Auntie responded. Her eyes lifted, filled with memories. "I store all my pretties in it—Grandma's sterling silver, Grandpa's wool blankets, and photo albums of loved ones." Come to...

The Courage to Be Yourself

I’m going to be straight up honest with you. I’m scared—a lot. I’m scared of roller coasters, bears, being late for work, criticism, crashing my car, loved ones dying, pandemics, getting cancer, having a heart attack, shark attacks, screwing up, and mean people. Just...

Don’t Choke. You ARE Good Soil

“I feel like I’m choking.” Paul grasped his throat. “I’m anxious about Covid. I’m fearful of the violence in the streets. I’m tired of the media spewing biased news. Even the spiritual leaders I look up to have turned their voices into rhetoric steeped with...