How to Quiet Your Ego and Empower Your Divine Nature

By understanding and observing our false self and our Divine Nature we learn how to stop arm-wrestling with our ego.
We discover the path back to our Divine Nature. Here’s some strategies for you.

How to Awaken Your True Self

Have you awakened?
Have you taken your mind-made god off your intellectual cloud and realized the Creator lives and breathes and has Its very Being in and through you?

Maybe God’s Waiting for Us

“Jesus has already come,” Owen said with conviction. “So why are we asking God to send his son when he’s already here?”

How to Move Beyond Fear

Spiritual Practices to Experience Inner Peace   "What, me worry?" was the motto of Alfred E....

How Your Breath Is a Pathway to Inner Peace

How Your Breath Is a Pathway to Inner Peace

In this fast-paced, often overwhelming world, it’s important to develop life-giving practices that teach us how to slow down and care for ourselves. Taking time to focus on our breath—both during quiet times of meditation and throughout the day—restores our balance and inner peace.