A Man Fell Into a Hole

Each of us have to make a choice when we fall into life’s dark holes. Do we want to stay stuck or do we want to get out? Can we trust what we cannot touch with our hands or smell with our nose or see with our eyes?

How Do I Project Onto Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways

When someone is constantly pointing out your faults or when you do the same to others, it’s important to check if you’re being projected upon or being a projector. Then you can foster honest life-giving conversations and everyone wins. My wife often asks, “How can we make this work for everyone?”

Does God Want You to “Find Your Happy?”

Happiness for me starts with my morning quiet time with God. It’s my happiness “sweet spot” where I bring my joys, sorrows, confusion, and questions to my Best Friend.  From that intimate space I’ve come to  believe happiness is this: “Knowing I am unconditionally loved and guided by God—and nothing or no one can take that away from me.”

How Do I Love Me? Let Me Figure Out the Ways

Scientists have discovered that our brains establish belief systems through the connection of neuron pathways. For example, if we continuously tell ourselves we’re incompetent, the neurons in our brain will create a pathway to reinforce that belief. Over time, we create an increasingly negative self-image. It may evolve into self-doubt or even self-hatred. If we tell ourselves we are good, loving, and competent, we wire our neuron pathways to form belief systems that support self-respect and compassion.

Are You a light-snuffer or a Lamplighter?

Are You a light-snuffer or a Lamplighter?

We share the light of Christ whenever we care for others who are suffering, write emails to encourage someone, or attend to the needs of the lonely or homebound. Our positive acts allow us to share the Light of Christ with others.

Are You a Mystic?

    “Wouldn’t it be great if God gave us a phone number we could use to talk with the Creator at any time?”  I joked with my friend Mary as we sipped coffee. “We’d each get a direct dial number for God. Whenever we felt sad or lonely, we’d dial our magic...

A Pathway to Easter Joy

A Pathway to Easter Joy

    I sat in church during Holy Week staring at the crucifix. As I pondered Christ’s death, a question arose in me, so I brought it to God. “How do we hold the painful reality of what happened on Good Friday and let it transform us so we can move into Easter...

Are You Wisdomous?

Are You Wisdomous?

    In the television show Friends, after dumping a barrage of advice upon Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Chandler, Joey proclaims, “I am pretty wisdomous!”   Joey’s that character we love to laugh at and with, and sometimes his simple logic makes sense....