How to Pop the “Magic Question” and Stop Arm-Wrestling With God

Consider popping the Magic Question (What would be most life-giving for me and others right now?) when you’re faced with any decision—be it a simple response to another person or a major life choice.

Moving Beyond Self-Care: Five Ways to Care for Your Soul

Caring for our souls is a life-long adventure. Once we discover we have a soul and that nothing is more precious than it, we open our hearts to inner growth and transformation. We enter a new twilight zone by working with our souls and the Creator to find deeper meaning and purpose unfolding in our lives. We even experience happiness.

Three Ways to Teach Our Children “Mindful Spirituality”

Without spirituality, mindfulness is only one bite out of the sandwich of human “wholeness.”

Sniffing Life Like a Hound Dog

Bailey is teaching me that being lost can sometimes lead you to your real home—that place in our hearts where God dwells within us and guides us with wisdom and love.

A Man Fell Into a Hole

A Man Fell Into a Hole

Each of us have to make a choice when we fall into life’s dark holes. Do we want to stay stuck or do we want to get out? Can we trust what we cannot touch with our hands or smell with our nose or see with our eyes?

How Do I Project Onto Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways

When someone is constantly pointing out your faults or when you do the same to others, it’s important to check if you’re being projected upon or being a projector. Then you can foster honest life-giving conversations and everyone wins. My wife often asks, “How can we make this work for everyone?”

Does God Want You to “Find Your Happy?”

Happiness for me starts with my morning quiet time with God. It’s my happiness “sweet spot” where I bring my joys, sorrows, confusion, and questions to my Best Friend.  From that intimate space I’ve come to  believe happiness is this: “Knowing I am unconditionally loved and guided by God—and nothing or no one can take that away from me.”

Poppa, Are You Here?

Poppa, are you here when life overwhelms me? When life’s noise bombards me and I can’t figure out what is false and what is true?   My child, do you remember what I promised? This is true. I  Am here with you always. I Am tucked safely in the heart and soul of you. Look within, and you shall see me. I Am in You.