How to Turn Suffering Into Inner Peace

A Prayerful Lament to the One Who Sets Our Hearts Free

Word of God Speak

Let your voice of love echo in the stillness of our hearts rising above the clamor of the world. 

I Am…That Is All I Have to Say

What if understanding who we are is as simple as knowing “I Am.”

Coming Home

Coming Home     It’s windy on Lake Michigan today. White-capped waves scatter mist high...

The Mind Follows the Body and Unites in the Heart

The Mind Follows the Body and Unites in the Heart

The mind follows the body as the two unite in the heart—the sacred refuge of inner light and love. So, take a breath. Draw your awareness to the beauty of your hands, feet, and chest—the physical body with which God has gifted you.

Ravish Me, O God

Ravish Me, O God

as our relationship with God continues to grow and deepen, we often realize that words can only point to something that is beyond our ability to grasp.

Our connection with the Divine moves beyond an abstract idea or a matter of intellectual belief.

It becomes a real, felt experience with the Source of our Being, who we now feel inside of us in our hearts, like a glowing light, a flow of pure air, or in other ways unique to each of us. 

Holy Water, Teach Me How to Flow

Holy Water, Teach Me How to Flow

Maybe it’s time to stop fighting
time to become like water,
rippling in tide pools,
streaming down riverbeds,
floating around logjams.