Ravish Me, O God

as our relationship with God continues to grow and deepen, we often realize that words can only point to something that is beyond our ability to grasp.

Our connection with the Divine moves beyond an abstract idea or a matter of intellectual belief.

It becomes a real, felt experience with the Source of our Being, who we now feel inside of us in our hearts, like a glowing light, a flow of pure air, or in other ways unique to each of us. 

Holy Water, Teach Me How to Flow

Maybe it’s time to stop fighting
time to become like water,
rippling in tide pools,
streaming down riverbeds,
floating around logjams.

God Is Good and So Are You

Make these words your own: God is good and so am I.

Opening Our Hearts to the Gift of Divine Flow

Opening Our Hearts to the Gift of Divine Flow

I can’t make it happen, I can only open my heart
allowing Divine Grace to fill me
guiding me towards my Highest Self
the Self that dwells in God
the Divine Flow living in and through me

The Pathway to Holy Wisdom

The Pathway to Holy Wisdom

If we listen in the quiet of our hearts
follow our deepest desire
and respond to the Holy Longing that guides us
we can trust
we are on the road
that leads to Wisdom

Poppa, Are You Here?

Poppa, are you here when life overwhelms me? When life’s noise bombards me and I can’t figure out what is false and what is true?   My child, do you remember what I promised? This is true. I  Am here with you always. I Am tucked safely in the heart and soul of you. Look within, and you shall see me. I Am in You.

Gifts From An Ordinary God

My morning quiet time has not been fruitful these past few days. I show up, sit in the silence, and listen. I wait. But all I hear is a whiz-bang of thoughts whirling in my mind.     I do what the teachers have taught me. I focus on my breath. Try to find...

What’s Your Deepest Desire?

“Depart from me, for I am a sinful man.” Those words of Simon-Peter gripped my heart as my family and I watched The Chosen, a series about Jesus’ life as viewed by those whose lives he touched. Simon-Peter had conspired with the Romans to sell out his fellow fishermen...

When You Listen

When you listenthe soft cooof the mourning dovereveals the beauty of life Drops of dewon blades of grasssparkle lightinto your soul Water lappingon the lakeslows your pacerestores your rhythm When you listendawn revealsthe answersto your problems The crow’s cawspeaks...