Can You Touch Your Soul?

Posted On August 20, 2016

Have you ever had one of those moments when you felt God’s presence—a time when you sensed the Creator and you were connecting, connected? One?

Some say they experience the presence of the Holy One in their body, like a gut feeling. Others say they experience God in their heart-space hidden inside their chest. Still others say they sense a presence of deep Wisdom in the center of their forehead, like a third eye.

I sometimes experience the Presence from time to time in my abdomen, just 1-2 fingertips below my rib cage.  It feels like a soft peaceful glow, a gentle warmth, a subtle energy like a tiny whirling pulsar. I feel a flow, an inner freedom when those moments happen. And somehow I feel as if there is a Divine Presence of love moving within and through me, a transforming Spirit connecting with my spirit.

As science and spirituality continue their convergence, studying reality from different yet complimentary perspectives, perhaps science will someday discover the exact location of the soul contained within each of us; perhaps science and spirituality will be able to both affirm the existence of our soul and its whereabouts.

Until that day, maybe it’s enough for us to trust our own experience of the Divine, to  gain deeper confidence in the awareness that there is a place within each of us were God connects with us and we connect with God.

What do you think? 
Can you touch your soul? 
Do you experience the Presence from time to time? 
Is that experience real for you?


Written by Brian J. Plachta

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