Can You Hear It?

Posted On August 4, 2017

Can You Hear It?

Can you hear the silent Voice that whispers in your soul?
the Voice that’s trying to speak to you
but the noises around you are too loud
the din of the world too rough and boisterous.

Can you hear it?

The silent cry that’s trying to give Voice to your pain
not to wallow in it
but to lead you through it
and guide you back home.

Can you hear it?

That inner Voice we each have
but to which few listen
as life’s clamor attempts to drown it out.

And we stand like impatient kindergartners
clasping our hands against the ear of our heart
stomping our feet
silently shouting: I’m not listening to you!
but we don’t know why.

Can you hear it?

It’s the song of your soul
the Voice of your heart
the wisdom of the ages.

It’s as real as our body,
as intimate as our genitals
as close to us as our breath.

It is there deep within us.

It speaks a language
we can learn if we’re taught
if we try.

If we’re willing to sit in silence
and discover the gift of our Voice
there within the solitude.

Sit still

What do you hear?

—brian j plachta

Written by Brian J. Plachta

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